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Working for Everyday People, Not The Politicians
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Ron is a Hoboken High School alum '04, and while he has a full-time job as a marketing executive, he has dedicated his life to public service.

Our County Commissioners have acted in secrecy for as long as we can remember. Instead of solutions, they give excuses. They ignore you and only respond to their big donors and political party bosses, while Ron doesn’t take any money from real estate developers or political bosses.

That’s why Ron Bautista is running for County Commissioner, so our government can serve everyday people, not the politicians.
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Ron's Accomplishments
As an advocate in Hoboken, Ron has:

Zero traffic-related deaths in 4 years
With the goal, as a member of the municipal task force, Ron fought to have streets that are safe for all ages and abilities.
Open Public Fields
Ron secured a public online calendar that shows consistent open doors for free use of sports fields in Hoboken.
Open Streets program during the pandemic
Ron advocated for open public space so people can walk, play, and bike safely on our streets.
Protected way at the Union Dry dock
Ron helped ensure that pedestrians and bikers could safely move through the Union Dry Dock on Hoboken’s waterfront.
Stopping the deportation of Edisson Barros
In coordination with other activists, Ron helped put an end to the deportation of an undocumented immigrant and taxpayer that was detained by ICE at the jail the county government profits from.

If this is what Ron can give us without an elected position, imagine what he can do as our County Commissioner.

“When politicians are owned by political party bosses and big corporate donors, they’re afraid to address homelessness, fight for cleaner air and safer streets for everyone. We need a County Commissioner with the courage to serve everyday people, not the politicians.”
- Ron Bautista
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