Bautista steps down as President of Progressive Democrats of Hudson County
July 23, 2022

Dear community,

I'm thankful for everything we've accomplished together with the board, our members, and volunteers this past year and a half:


We worked with attorneys to force a change to the gender requirement for the Democratic County Committee, breaking the ceiling for women to access local office and overturning an outright ban for gender non-conforming candidates.


We created a Continuing Political Committee (CPC) to support all 22 candidates in our inaugural progressive slate for the Democratic County Committee, without taking any money from corporations, real estate developers, or police unions.


We built a transparent endorsement process, where the members had a voice and a vote, and candidates had to make a commitment to progressive policies and not take corporate or real estate developer money.


We provided tools to support canvassing, phone and text banking for endorsed progressive candidates.


In solidarity,

Ron Bautista

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